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Facied a diy digital or analog synthesizers but solder iron isn`t your best friend or you are too busy to do so, you can chose one of the products for sale and pick up all that you need from the drop down list and I will do the rest for you.

Shruthi and Ambika synth for sale can be found in our shop now..

Ambika sytnthesizer motherboard

Ambika is Polyphonic Hybrid - Digital / Analog synthesizer originally designed by Mutable Instruments, it is no longer manufactured by them and therefore is not supported by Mutable Instruments. In case of any problems contact me direcly and do not contact Mutable Instruments otherwise you`ll be ignored, you can still might be interested with their huge eurorack modules offer. Ambika is licenced under a Creative Common (CC BY-SA 3.0) which allows anyone with the PCB files and code to manufacture them, as long as any changes to the design are also shared under the same license.

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These YouTube videos are made and shared by One of my customers. In case of any questions please contact me directly.

Ambika Synthesizer Overview

Sound examples

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