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The Preenfm2 is a DIY project originally designed by Xavier Hosxe.

Due to some obsolete THT components this is reprinted SMD version of original PCB.  Having oprtunity to reprint this small but powerful FM synthesizer I`ve added automatic switch between USB or external PSU power source. Audio core and logic part of the synth is unchanged.

You can read more of this fm synthesizer here.

4 independent instruments. Each of them has:Powerful arpeggiator (Mutable-Instruments opensource algorithm).
1 effect Slot (LP, HP, Bass boost, Band Pass, crusher)
1 gate effect
4 rapid access performance parameters
The 4 instruments can be saved all at the same time in combo presets.
Each instrument has its own modifiable midi channel. They can share the same for FAT quadruple timbres notes.
Modifiable number of allocated voices… Between 1 and 14.
28 FM algorithms from 3 to 6 operators

Up to 14 voices of polyphony (8 if you use 6 op algorithms). Each voices has:7 low frequency modulators (3 LFOs, 2 enveloppes, 2 step sequencers).
12 rows matrix : 16 sources, 32 destination (LP, HP, gate, stereo, MI, attack…)
Arpeggiator, LFOs and step sequencers synchronizable on external midi clock or internal clock.

Operator features:7 builtin waveforms + 6 user waveforms read from the usb drive.
Stereo panning (at the carrier operator level)
8 envelope parameters per operator (DX7 like)

Direct Scala scale file loading for microtonality. Up to 128 Scala scales selectable from the preenfm2.
Modular Randomizer
USB all the wayMidi over USB
USB drive: huge preset banks: 64*128 presets, 8*128 combos, 256*32 DX7 presets.
The USB drive holds your preset banks, you scala scale files, your user waveform files.
Easy firmware upload and flash.
USB powered

Comprehensive user interface and associated to a 4×20 characters display for easy preset edition

Comes w assembled with acrylic case.

Shipping method: parcel

PreenFM2 >>fully assembled<<

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